Elma Ong



Elma has known Essop for over three decades as common interests in racquet sports evolved to accounting. Her contribution to Hay & Watson and its clients began in June 2010 and Elma is very happy to be a part of a firm that forges strong and continuing relationships through humble partnership with its clients.

Elma brings over 20 years of professional services experience to Hay & Watson. She has particular experience with risks and controls, having helped organizations of all sizes establish processes and a level of controls appropriate for their operations. To Elma, controls are akin to a set of brakes in a car. It is not to slow the car down, but rather to enable it to go faster. Likewise, the foundation that Hay & Watson brings vis-a-vis compliance and specialized services serves our intention of helping organizations move forward. Elma's previous experiences include managing outsourced risk and internal audit functions for clients in the utilities, manufacturing and not-for-profit sectors, as well as projects that enable organizations of varying sizes to comply with certification requirements as a public issuer.

Elma enjoys crossfit, skiing and anything involving spending time with family and friends.